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Working with Sarah

A Meeting Planners Guide

Photos & Other Materials To Make Your Event Shine


Thank you for inviting Sarah to speak at your event!

 The following recommendations are based on Sarah’s 16+ years of professional speaking experience and what she has pinpointed as an ideal behind-the-scenes set-up and process of working together. 

Headshots & Promotional Photos

Click on a photograph to download a web-friendly small file, or click the button to pick from our high-resolution collection.

 Audio Visual for Live Presentations 

Personal Laptop Use

Sarah prefers to use her laptop (MacBook Pro) and a clicker to advance her slides. She will bring her own VGA and HDMI adapters. Her multi-media presentations include downloaded and customizable features (unique fonts, embedded music, app-based audience polls, etc). Note: Transferring the file to someone else’s computer will severely compromise the quality of Sarah’s presentation which is why she prefers to use her own computer.


Sarah customizes her presentation deck for each presentation. Her slide decks are designed in standard format and contain numerous slides which are almost entirely comprised of photos, images, and graphs. As a result, Sarah doesn’t typically share her slide deck, but she will make exceptions upon request . If the slides need to be adjusted for widescreen projection, please let Sarah know during the Client Onboarding Call.

Q&A (Optional)

Sarah is willing to do a 10-15-minute facilitated Q&A immediately following her presentation. By ‘facilitated’ we mean that someone comes on stage with Sarah with a few questions at the ready. This person should be able to keep the entertainment going with a ‘talk show’ style approach to the Q&A. Sarah has learned from experience this approach creates the best audience experience.​​

Sound & Internet

Sarah will need Internet access during her presentation to successfully launch an audience participation poll. Audience members will participate in the poll using their mobile phones. In addition, reserving a sound output feed is required because her presentations include embedded videos and music. If internet and sound capabilities are unavailable, please alert Sarah right away so she can adjust the presentation accordingly. 


Tech Check

Sarah will arrive on-site early for a tech check and presentation set-up, working in collaboration with the A/V team. Please confirm the timing of the tech check during the Client Onboarding Call.

Break Or Book Signing (Optional)

It is recommended a break and book signing for attendees is scheduled immediately following Sarah’s presentation. Sarah’s presentations are often followed up with people wanting to buy her book, ask questions, or simply say hello. This is a great way to further engage the audience and revenue-share on book sales.

Stage Set-Up & Mic

A podium is not needed. However, if a podium is already on stage, Sarah will use it as a stand for her laptop and requests it is placed to the side of the stage and not in the middle. In the absence of a podium, Sarah requests a table be placed on or near the stage for her computer. Whether Sarah is placing her laptop on a podium or table, the area needs to be wired accordingly for power, projection, and sound. Sarah prefers to use a wireless lavalier microphone. Her second choice is a headset. No handheld mics, please.

Audience Interaction

Sarah likes to engage the audience. Depending on room set-up, length of presentation time, audience size, and social distancing protocols, she will customize these activities and may request additional materials (flip charts, notecards, microphones) be provided. If there are concerns or limitations to these activities, please discuss with Sarah during the Client Onboarding Call.

Recordings & Photos

If an audio or video recording of Sarah’s speech is being taken, please alert her team at least 4 weeks prior to the presentation date and request permission. In most cases, Sarah will agree to being recorded, but only after ensuring the appropriate paperwork is signed to protect her intellectual property. The client will also be asked to share a copy of recordings with Sarah’s team. Clients may take photos before and during Sarah’s talk but please, no flash photography during the presentation. Please share photos with Sarah’s team. We’d be happy to share the photos via our social media channels and tag your organization in the posts!

Scheduling & Logistics

Hotel Booking

Sarah does everything she can to avoid flight delays. She will book her flight to arrive the day prior to her presentation and will usually depart the day following her presentation. Please book a hotel room for her for a minimum of two nights. If fewer nights are needed, Sarah will confirm this during the Client Onboarding Call.

Car Service

Unless the presentation venue is located far from the nearest airport and a rental car is required to access it, it is recommended the client book professional car service for Sarah to and from the airport and event venue. Kindly send confirmation of the car service booking to Sarah at least three weeks prior to the time of travel.

Hotel Room Request

Kindly book a nonsmoking room which does not have an adjoining/connecting room (two individual rooms separated by a locked doorway). For safety reasons, Sarah prefers to stay in a hotel, not a motel. If she’s staying in a hotel with an entertainment or conference venue, she requests to be on an upper-level floor. A good night’s rest is important to her work as a performer. Please send confirmation of the hotel booking at least three weeks prior to the time of travel.​​

Time Together

Sarah would enjoy meeting with representatives of the organization prior to her speech! Dinner the night before with executives or board is ideal if travel and scheduling permits. This interaction is helpful for personalizing the presentation for your group, but also gives your team the opportunity to leverage the time Sarah has on-site.


Media & Marketing

Sarah understands the importance of pre-event promotions. Please tag her on social media posts for the event and forward any article or newsletter mentions. She and her team will share, like, and otherwise help promote her appearance at your event. In addition, if you are pitching media or writing articles for publication, Sarah is open to being interviewed in advance of the event.

Video Message

Some clients appreciate it when Sarah records a brief video message, urging attendees to register for the conference and share some of the key take-aways they will gain from her talk. If you’d like Sarah to do this, please incorporate it into event promotions and give Sarah a deadline for submitting the recording to your team.


Suggested Introduction 

Have you ever found yourself saying, “We can't reach young people,” or “We can't get people of different generations to work together,” or “This organization is no longer relevant"? Our speaker today has the solution to those concerns and more!


Sarah Sladek is an expert on bridging generation gaps. She has helped organizations worldwide create cultures of belonging, engage younger generations, and realize unprecedented growth.


Sarah is the founder and CEO of XYZ University, the author of 6 best-selling books, a podcaster and web show host. She has been recognized as a Global Leader in Business Strategy and Talent Economy influencer, and she was recently invited to the White House Business Leaders Summit.


Sarah has devoted her entire career to helping organizations prosper and create cultures of belonging in a changing, disruptive marketplace. Today, let’s listen as she sheds new light on (… incorporate title of speech).

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