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Next Gen Intelligence


Future-proof your team with a unique process to measure organizational performance and engagement


Do you find yourself wondering...

  • Why are we experiencing high member turnover?

  • Why do our members seem disengaged?

  • Why do we struggle to attract younger members?

  • Is it us? Is it them?

  • Is it even worth trying to change?

We get it. And we're here for you.

Membership organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in today's rapidly evolving landscape. In order to thrive and remain relevant, it's crucial for these organizations to have a deep understanding of their performance, engagement levels, and the broader societal factors impacting their operations.

Your Growth Partner

XYZ University offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your organization create a culture of belonging, grow membership, and remain relevant in a rapidly-changing marketplace.

Group of happy young business people around a laptop

You Need Next Gen Intelligence!


Developed through a unique process that encompasses measurement of organizational performance and engagement, Next Gen Intelligence goes beyond traditional metrics to consider a wide range of factors, including

  • social change

  • generational influences

  • youth trends

  • workforce shifts

  • consumerism

  • economics


Our dedicated team specializes in studying these dynamics comprehensively, allowing us to provide membership organizations with invaluable insights and strategic guidance. With Next Gen Intelligence, organizations can not only adapt to the changing landscape but also proactively position themselves for growth, profitability, and sustained relevance.

Tools to Help
You Thrive

Are you seeking to bridge the gap between generations? Create a thriving team? Optimize your workforce for long-term success? All of the above? 

Sarah Sladek has established herself as a leading authority on generational shifts in the workplace, drawing from extensive research and her own experiences as a consultant and speaker. Her compelling books provide practical guidance to help you engage, retain, and grow your organization.

MemberShift: why members leave and the strategies proven to bring them back by Sarah L. Sladek
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