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Grow intentionally.

That ambiguous five-year plan has all the right intentions, but does it give you clear direction on how to engage younger people? Is it guided by research unique to the youngest segments of your target market or team of employees? Let's work together to develop a manageable game plan that ensures your relevancy for years to come.

Research Services

Strategy Retreat

We will uncover key measurements related to your organization's brand, culture, and identification of the gaps preventing goal realization as well as employee turnover or member disengagement. The research phase is followed by a stakeholder retreat examining the organization's current status and future goals in greater detail, at which point XYZ U will author a report that outlines research findings and recommends a strategy for the next 12 months.

Strategy Coaching

Kick off the process with a stakeholder retreat to examine your organization’s current status and future goals. Over the next six weeks, we will uncover key measurements related to organizational culture, benefits, marketing, and competitive analysis develop a recommended strategy for the next 24 months. Results and recommendations will be discussed during a half-day retreat and follow-up will be administered via four webinars to serve as an accountability partner and/or provide additional education.

Regional Summit

A full or half day regional summit focused on presenting membership-building for association staff and boards, or employee-engagement strategies for corporate or government executives. The host organization is responsible for logistics, registration, and promotion, while XYZ U is responsible for preparing, presenting, and facilitating all content.

Board Retreat

Strategically deep dive into your membership or employee landscape to determine specific focus areas and develop the best action plan for the longevity of your organization.

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Secure your future.

Young talent doesn't operate the same way as the generations who came before them. If you fail to meet the needs of young professionals, you fail to secure your future. Its that simple.

We are passionate about building teams, companies and industries that value their youngest members. Those are the individuals who will carry us all forward. Our approach to strategy focuses on uncovering and working towards specific, tangible goals that have been proven to grow engagement from the bottom up.

Strategy Curriculum

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An Important and Unexpected Role - Talent Generation in Membership Associations

This presentation, based on her latest book, Talent Generation, Sarah Sladek shares the results of her study of the most future-facing organizations in existence today, and serves up a call to action on the important role associations must play in solving the global workforce crisis.

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Knowing Y

Explore recruitment, retention, management, and marketing strategies your organization needs to engage Gen Y.

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Millennials to Members

Without Millennial members, your organization will not survive. It’s that simple.

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Talent Generation: How Visionary Organizations Are Redefining Work and Achieving Greater Success

Welcome to the Talent Economy—a 21st century economy characterized by unprecedented innovation, connectivity, disruption, and opportunity.

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The End of Membership as We Know It

Demographic shifts, changes in technology and a declining economy merged to create the perfect storm for associations and weakened their grip on the marketplace.

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Workforce Future

The year 2020 is right around the corner. Is your organization ready?

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Looking for a game changer at your next event or a strategy unique to your organization?

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