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Engage Every Generation

& Ignite Growth

Engage the next generation and create a culture that thrives with courses, training, and events from XYZ University


How We Help

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Is your organization successfully engaging every generation?

"We can't reach young people. We struggle to get people of different generations to work together. We're losing members. We're aging out. We're no longer relevant."


If your organization has ever found itself making one of these statements, XYZ University can help.

We deliver the strategy and Next Gen Intelligence organizations need to reverse disengagement and decline and get to a place of relevance and growth. 

The future you want for your organization is within reach, but you’re not going to get there by using the same strategies that have been used for the past several decades. 

Everything about the way we live, work, and do business has evolved considerably in recent years — your organization’s approach to engaging people and strategizing for growth must also change.

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Creating Cultures of Belonging

When multiple generations with evolving needs are interacting, it can be difficult to create a culture where everyone feels understood and valued.

But that's exactly what we do at XYZ University. We create communities and companies where people of all ages feel like they belong.

XYZ University has an impressive track record because we do our homework, researching how each of the following influence membership and workforce engagement:

Generational Shifts and Social Change

Youth Culture and Future-Focused Trends

Economic and Consumer Shifts

Leadership Practices

Organizational Culture

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Your Very Own Think Tank

When you work with us, you benefit from our years of experience and expansive network

XYZ U has worked with thousands of organizations and conducted 20+ years of ground-breaking research to unlock the secrets to effective community-building and collaboration

We're home to a best-selling author and course development team, and we share the best practices we gather from around the world via publications and special events. 

Say goodbye to disengagement and decline and "Hello!" to relevance, belonging, and sustained growth.

What Our Clients Say


Step-by-Step Guidance

"What's different about XYZ University from everybody else is the step-by-step guidance, diverse community-building, and the no nonsense yet honest, enthusiastic, and supportive advice! They've been there and done that, and they motivate and get results. That's an art. With XYZ University, we just got more."

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers


Personalized and Strategic

"XYZ University's work with us was personalized and strategic. The entire process brought in the voice of our community, and they helped our board navigate a complex set of recommendations through a facilitation process that brought forward strong decisions and strengthened our collaborative culture. Highly recommend!"

Society of College and University Planning


Unsurpassed Results

"Sarah and her team at XYZ University are simply outstanding! The team developed a year-long training program and our members found the information extremely helpful and results oriented. Their superior experience in the membership arena provided unsurpassed results for our members."

Food Industry
Association Executives

Leading Organizations Forward

Sarah Sladek founded XYZ University in 2022. She has dedicated her career to answering these core questions: 

  • Why are organizations experiencing more disengagement than ever before? 

  • Why are younger generations less likely to feel like they belong?

  • Is sustainable change possible?

Referred to as a social equity expert and recognized as a Global Leader in Strategy, Talent Economy Influencer, and a Woman Who Advances Associations, Sarah knows who and what is coming next and what organizations must do to prepare. 

Her keynotes inspire audiences to create a people-first and future-focused value proposition, identify the hurdles preventing organizations from engaging people, and open the doorway for collaboration and innovation at all levels.​

Sarah Sladek Speaking on a stage

Check Out Our Library

Leaders who seek our expertise want a different outlook for their organizations, but they aren’t sure how to make it happen. They feel stuck. Overwhelmed by change, turnover, conflict, and decline. Thankfully, XYZ University has an extensive list of books, podcasts, and other resources to help your organization master membership and workforce engagement.

Talent Generation: How Visonary Organizations are Redefining Work and Achieving Greater Success | Book cover
MemberShift: Why Members Leave and the Strategies Proven to Bring them Back | Book Cover
The Membership IQ with Sarah Sladek Podcast
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Here We Grow!

Change can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

XYZ University will help your organization:

Retain members and employees

Engage younger generations

Boost morale and reduce turnover

Manage change

Improve teamwork and increase profitability 

Reposition for relevance, inclusion, and growth

Create a culture of belonging

Upcoming Events

  • Trends Talk
    Trends Talk
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Jul 30
    BigMarker Webinar Platform
    Jul 30, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    BigMarker Webinar Platform
    Jul 30, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    BigMarker Webinar Platform
    Join Sarah Sladek and a special guest on the last Tuesday of each month for an engaging series of virtual events exploring NextGen trends. From emerging technologies to evolving societal values, these events promise to offer a deep dive into the forces driving change in the next generation.

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