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Case Studies

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Two years after XYZ University completed a Membership Growth Strategy for The Society for College and University Planning, the President sat down with us for an interview. Read what they said.

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Six months after XYZ University completed a Membership Growth Strategy for the organization, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer's Membership Vice President sat down with us for an interview. Read what they said.

Examples of Client Results with XYZ University


"What's different about XYZ University from everybody else is the step-by-step guidance, diverse community-building, and the no nonsense yet honest, enthusiastic, and supportive advice! They've been there and done that, and they motivate and get results. That's an art. With XYZ University, we just got more." 
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

"XYZ University's work with us was personalized and strategic. The entire process brought in the voice of our community, and they helped our board navigate a complex set of recommendations through a facilitation process that brought forward strong decisions and strengthened our collaborative culture. Highly recommend!" 
Society of College and University Planning

"Sarah and her team at XYZ University are simply outstanding! The team developed a year-long training program and our members found the information extremely helpful and results oriented. Their superior experience in the membership arena provided unsurpassed results for our members." 
Food Industry Association Executives 

"When we launched our new program for student members, we did so with a year-long series of workshops presented by XYZ University. We were delighted with the quality of the information and the insightful targeting of content. Our inaugural year was a huge success, and we credit XYZ University for helping us set the tone and provide information with relevance and impact."
American Water Works Association

Praise for Sarah Sladek

"Sarah Sladek's presentation wasn't just informative—it was empowering to implore colleagues to self-assess our lived experience and drive meaningful change to better understand perspectives from all generations. I highly recommend her for inspiring a visionary approach to workforce dynamics."

“Sarah's presentations were met with rave reviews. The information she presents is fascinating, engaging, and relevant for a variety of audiences. I highly recommend working with Sarah!” 



“Sarah was outstanding! She was focused on getting to know our audience, and our attendees commented that her keynote was on point, informative, and very engaging. Sarah Sladek shares practical advice and creative solutions for employers. I would highly recommend her as a speaker at any conference!”

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association


“Sarah Sladek gave a very engaging opening presentation. She tailored her talk to the situation that was relevant and timely for all - and a very good opener for the rest of our program and continuing conversations!”

Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE


“Sarah instantly drew the audience in with her humor, facts, and natural speaking style. The positive feedback and comments just keep rolling in. ‘She was engaging and amazing!’,  ‘What a great speaker!', 'My eyes were opened up today.’ I highly recommend Sarah for any speaker event and her company’s consulting solutions. I am a raving fan!”

Marsh & McLennan Agency


“Sarah’s presentation received glowing reviews from the attendees. I can say personally the presentation impacted me and how I understand not just colleagues but also friends and family. Sarah is not just knowledgeable but also extremely engaging. Her professionalism both in preparing for the event and during her presentation was incredible. I highly recommend!

Association of Women Contractors


"Sarah can not only connect with people of all generations but also lead workshops designed to help the next generation improve its capacity and confidence to lead. Consider bringing her to your gatherings to be the ‘Wow’ factor!”

Mechanical Contractors of Chicago


“Sarah Sladek is one of the most emotionally intelligent individuals I know, which is especially important in her life's work. She has a differentiating understanding of the changes in demographics and the related effect on organizations. Any organization that works with Sarah and her team is a good bit closer to getting a better grasp on this critically important element of their business.” 



“Sarah Sladek's understanding and knowledge is exceptional and inspires thinking outside the box. Her excellent communication skills helped guide our group through some very complex and uncomfortable issues with ease. Her understanding of generational transition and its implication to real world challenges and opportunities is second to none. Any group that wants to take their organization to the next level would be well served by making Sarah a part of their approach to developing a strategy.”

Ralph Pontillo, Manufacturer and Business Association


“In a very clear, well-researched and visually-attractive manner, Sarah delighted our conference with her presentations. She has a unique ability to cut through the morass of data, trends, and opinions bombarding executives today. She delivers relevant tips and approaches that my audience found tremendously helpful. If you are looking for someone to bring a relevant, money-making perspective to the myriad of changes happening culturally, technologically, demographically and in the marketplace - hire Sarah! Your audience will thank you.”

Brampton Board of Trade


“Sarah Sladek was a rockstar! Her presentation was awesome! She captured the audience’s attention with many notes taken, and afterwards, there were positive comments and discussion from the attendees.”



“Sarah’s stage presence is magnetic and her mastery of the content is amazing.”  

Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association


“Our scholars really appreciated and absorbed Sarah’s material. The speaker evaluations ranked her very high – among the top of our program’s 32 speakers.”

University of California San Diego Health Leadership Academy


“Our doctors and board members are still talking about a keynote Sarah presented for us over a year ago!”

Minnesota Optometric Association


“Sarah’s presentation was one of the most informative and entertaining presentations I’ve ever seen!”  

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America


“Sarah delivered a stellar workshop!  The combination of her content, delivery style, and engagement of the group made for one of our best regional conferences ever!  I don’t normally receive unsolicited feedback from attendees, but I received many in response to Sarah's presentation. I plan to let others know about the extremely positive experience and the value this discussion can bring to the workplace.”
Mid-Atlantic Higher Education Recruitment Consortium


“Sarah delivered exactly what we needed and tied it to our business perfectly!”

Kellogg Company


“Sarah’s presentation was a hit. I don’t believe we have had a retreat this energized in years!”

North Carolina Association for Justice


“Sarah Sladek’s work is not only pushing industries to take a risk, but embrace new leadership and talent. Her presentations express the importance of integrating new generations and audiences can feel the passion she has towards the topic.”


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