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Build a Thriving


Position yourself for long-term success with proven strategies to engage younger generations


Is your company:

  • experiencing high employee turnover?

  • struggling to engage younger generations?

  • having difficulty adapting to shifting trends in your industry?

  • worried about the future?

In today's competitive landscape, corporations struggle to recruit and retain young talent. But with XYZ University's transformative solutions, there's hope. Drawing from Sarah Sladek's groundbreaking research, we offer tailored strategies to thrive amidst disruption.

With XYZ University, creating an engaged workforce is not just possible—it's achievable.

young business team at a table working on a project

Thrive with Next-Gen Intelligence!


Young employees, particularly Generation Z, bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and digital fluency to the workplace. They are adaptable, eager to learn, and ready to make an impact. By recruiting young talent, your company can infuse energy, creativity, and diversity into your workforce, driving innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

To effectively recruit young employees, it's essential to understand their values, preferences, and motivations. At XYZ University, we specialize in helping companies recruit and retain young talent. With our expertise in generational dynamics, we can help your company position itself for long-term success.

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Welcome to the Talent Economy

Struggling to engage talent?


Our team has spent the past twenty years researching changes in the workforce and the impact of generational shifts on recruitment and employee engagement.

Our Books
Talent Generation: How visionary organizations are redefining work and achieving greater success by Sarah L. Sladek

We Work With The Best Clients

Services to Change Your Trajectory

XYZ University offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of companies like yours.

Sarah Sladek on a stage speaking to a large audience


Sarah Sladek is a renowned author, speaker, and social equality specialist with an expertise in the "Talent Economy." Sarah and her team have spent 20 years researching demographic shifts in workforce engagement behaviors, and knows what it takes for companies to go from struggling to thriving.


The author of 6 books, her keynotes are perfect for companies looking to engage the next generation, decrease turnover, and embrace change.

Resources for Corporations

Jobs of Tomorrow

In cooperation with Association TV, we produced episodes 7-12 of Season 3 of the Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries. This fascinating series examines the technologies, processes, and thought leaders shaping the future of the work we do and how we do it.

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