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What Exactly Is

XYZ University?

Ready for a pop quiz? No, XYZ University is not an actual college. There are no dorms or cafeteria and you don’t have to stay up all night cramming for a test. 

XYZ University is where leaders go to learn how to create cultures of belonging inclusive of younger generations. 

XYZ = Next gen + future-focused studies (literally named after Generations X, Y, and Z)

University = A hub of research, strategy, and learning

XYZ University = Next Generation Intelligence

To sum it up: XYZ University’s expertise is positioning organizations for relevance and growth. 

Yes, we know more than most about generations and trends, but we also know how to build community, create value, and inspire belonging

At XYZ University, we bring a ‘people first, future focused’ approach to all we do. This is our mantra. Our must-have methodology. And it really works! 

Workplace Chat

Did you know?


Did you know there’s an actual process people follow before deciding whether to join or participate? Or that the process recently changed? 


We did our homework– literally thousands of surveys and interviews – and uncovered revolutionary new insights on engagement behaviors. (This is kind of a big deal considering Gallup has reported low engagement since the year 2000.) 


XYZ University knows exactly what it takes to increase retention and improve morale. We have the data to prove it!


A Message From Sarah

Sarah Sladek posing byJacqui

The year was 2002. Gen X was entering the workforce. We’re commonly referred to as ‘slackers’ because we aren’t engaging in the same ways as Boomers. Organizations are observing more disengagement than ever before, and no one knows how to reverse it.


I started XYZ University because I believed there was a solution to this challenge and a better way forward. 


My parents raised me to value community as active members and altruistic leaders. In addition, there were 15 years between my brother and I which was my first introduction to generational differences. 


The combination of these childhood experiences inspired me. I created a business with a bold vision to end generational stereotypes, bring back belonging, and position organizations for greater success. 


Here’s what I’ve learned: Change is urgently needed but also difficult to accept. As a result, many organizations simply lack the structure, strategy, and culture to remain relevant in a constantly changing marketplace.


Thankfully, XYZ University brings a new school of thought to bridging gaps and strategizing for success. We inspire and leverage organization-wide support which makes large-scale, sustainable change possible. 


The future you want for your organization is within reach. You don’t have to walk this path alone. 


If thinking about the state of your organization raises questions or causes concern, contact us. We can help.


Sarah Signature

From A to Z

Need to curb turnover, engage younger generations, identify a strategy for sustainable growth, build a better value proposition, grow community, and increase profitability?

XYZ University is the answer.

Here are just a few of the reasons why clients choose us – from A to Z:

Members of Gen Z hanging out together

Age Diversity

We urge clients to build communities inclusive of different ages and career stages, and our own team is comprised of multi-generational researchers and innovators.


22 Year Anniversary


We help organizations engage people and prepare for the future. That’s all we do and all we’ve done for 20+ years!

2022 Global Membership Health Study


We bring best practices from throughout the world to our work, gleaned from our work with international organizations, global research, and events which reached audiences in 40+ countries. 

Sarah Sladek Teaching

Thought Leadership

Our founder is a best-selling author. She’s been recognized as a Woman Who Advances Associations, a Global Leader of Strategy, and invited to meet with Senior Presidential Advisors at the White House! 

Ready or Not, Here Comes Z


We authored ground-breaking research on Gen Z long before other firms. Our study of demographic, consumer, and economic shifts ensure clients are well-prepared for who and what comes next.

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