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Book Sarah to Speak.

If you often feel overwhelmed by change, turnover, conflict, and decline, Sarah has the solutions for your business.

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Keynotes That Inspire Change

When you​ accept that there is always room for growth, that's when Sarah can step in and work her magic.

  • Decrease Employee Turnover

  • Increase Membership Numbers

  • Address Generation Gaps

  • Increase Revenue

Sarah Sladek - NextGen Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, and Strategist
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Whether your association is struggling to engage younger members, show value, manage change, or strategize for the future, Sarah’s MemberShift keynote promises to pack a punch and inspire a turnaround. This is your opportunity to create meaningful change and place your organization on a renewed path for success!

  • Learn the economic and demographic shifts altering the value proposition of membership.

  • Learn how to stay relevant and engage the participation of generations born into the Talent Economy.

  • Through a facilitated exploratory exercise, identify hurdles to growth and untapped opportunities.

  • Explore the drivers of membership engagement, actively ‘hack’ solutions, and set a strategic foundation.

Available as a 1/2 Day Workshop (3-4 Hours)

& Full-Day Workshop (4-6 Hours)

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Are Gen Zs Joiners?


The majority of membership organizations are struggling to engage younger generations. Sarah Sladek has the solution. She delivers ground-breaking generational and membership research and the strategies associations need to engage the next generation now. The model is trifold: recognize, accept, celebrate.

  • Learn to move ahead and get to a place of engagement, team-building, and belonging.

  • Be guided through the steps to successfully move past the attitudes, stereotypes, and biases that sidetrack efforts to team-build.

  • Build up your generational lens and an ‘I-never-thought-of-it-that-way!’ approach to conflict resolution.


  • Learn how to leverage a multi-generational team and create a workplace where everyone feels like they belong.

The World According to Z


Meet Generation Z, the generation of teens and 20-somethings who came of age during the most disruptive decade in history. They’re walking into the workforce with radically different skill sets, values, and expectations than your current employees. Does your organization have what it takes to engage them?


  • Understand Z’s unique traits, expectations, and values.


  • Clearly identify what organizations need to do now to make room for this younger generation.


  • Successfully engage Gen Z as employees, consumers, members, and volunteers.

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Generation gaps curb inclusion, collaboration and innovation. In fact, research indicates generations-based workplace hostility is at an all-time high. This is contributing to increased turnover in workplaces worldwide. If you want work to work better, Sarah has the answers.

  • Bring your multi-generational teams closer together.

  • Gain a unique approach to relationship-building and ability to improve employee retention.

  • Learn when and why conflicts emerge, and how best to resolve them.

  • Build trust, empathy, and get to a place of easily enjoying working together.

Talent Generation


We're living in an era of unprecedented workplace innovation, connectivity, disruption, and opportunity -- as well as unprecedented disengagement and decline. Sarah has been recognized as a Talent Economy Influencer. She's the author of Talent Generation, which identified current drivers of employee engagement and profitability.


  • With the right talent management perspective, organizations can learn to build high-performing, passionate teams.

  • Apply Sarah's People First/Future Focused approach.


  • Stop struggling to recruit and retain talent.

  • Create an organization designed to engage talent and thrive in an era of disruption

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