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Why Associations Need to Innovate to Survive

Sarah Sladek authored this article published by Wild Apricot. 

The global pandemic has rocked our world, and I’m gravely concerned about what this means for the future of our associations. Prior to the pandemic, research indicated the majority of associations were facing declines in membership and revenues. Why? Because many associations were resistant to change and struggling to plan for their futures. Despite the social change, recession, economic shifts, and rapidly changing technology, research indicated the majority of associations weren’t intentional about future planning and struggled to be inclusive of new people and new ideas. The faster change happened, the more difficult it became for associations to innovate, just as it did for the government, education, healthcare, and many other sectors. There is a solution, but before we can address it, we need to understand why change is such a challenge for our organizations and for us as individuals. There are three reasons why this is happening, and the answers might surprise you.

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