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What Happens When Millennials Run the Association?

Succession planning. It’s one of the most important things an organization can have set up for success. So why is it that so many associations fail to have one in place? It may be because many associations fail to recruit and retain younger generations. Maybe it’s the fear of putting a generation with such vastly different ideas and work ethic in charge. Or maybe it’s because your association is full of Baby Boomers with no one in line to take over.

Well, it’s time to get over that fear of putting Millennials in charge. It’s time to embrace the change and start putting together a succession plan full of Millennial leaders.

During my session at ASAE, where I’m going to be talking about what happens when Millennials run the association, I’m going to share with you some best practices taken straight from the source, Millennials running associations. We’ll talk about what drives Millennials and what turns them away. We’ll talk about various Millennials running associations, from executive directors to marketing professionals. And we’ll end the session with five key takeaways that you can take back to your association and apply to present and future goals. This will help you prepare your association for when Millennials take over.

If you want your association to be ready for the future, this is a must attend event. If you are a Millennial among Baby Boomer leaders, this is a must attend event.

Get registered for ASAE and attend my session on Monday, August 14 at 4PM in Toronto.

Make sure to also visit the XYZ University team at booth 827 during the expo hall hours.


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