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New ASAE Book Talent Generation Offers Strategies for Associations to Engage, Retain Employees


New ASAE Book Talent Generation Offers Strategies for Associations to Engage, Retain Employees

WASHINGTON—ASAE has released a new book called Talent Generation: How Visionary Organizations Are Redefining Work and Achieving Greater Success by Sarah L. Sladek, CEO and Founder of XYZ University. It examines the different talent theories and explains why organizations need to change their culture, strategy, and structure to recruit and retain employees in today’s post-industrial 21st century-raised workforce.

According to Gallup’s How Millennials Want to Work and Live report, turnover in the workforce cost companies an estimated $30.5 billion a year. In Talent Generation, Sladek describes how we have entered the Talent Economy, an era that is driven by an innovative, mobile, collaborative, and on-demand workforce.

She outlines key areas organizations can seek to improve in order to increase engagement, growth, and relevance in the Talent Economy:

·       Leadership: passion, optimism, urgency, and humility

·       Acceptance: inclusion and trust

·       People First: mission, vision, and strategy

·       Future Focus: trends, research, and opportunities

·       Collaborate: innovation via team building

·       Build for the Future: education and business alignment

“Since I started working in associations, the workforce has seen significant changes. The new workforce culture, technology, and demographics are impacting how we operate as well as how we recruit and retain talent,” said President and CEO John H. Graham, IV, FASAE, CAE. “It’s critical for associations to understand how the Talent Economy will impact the industry. Talent Generation gives great insight on how organizations can make smarter and more informed decisions.”

Sladek includes different case studies that demonstrate how companies have engaged employees and saw positive results by becoming more people-centric and future-focused.

To learn more or order a copy of Talent Generation, visit

MEDIA CONTACT: Sabrina Kidwai, APR, CAE,, 202-326-9505

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