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Each Generation has Something to Learn and Something to Teach, and XYZ U is Grateful for These Lesso

At XYZ University, we value each generation. Each generation truly has something to learn and something to teach.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we invite you to pause with us for a moment and reflect on the amazing value each generation brings to our associations, to the workforce, and to our society as a whole. Join us in valuing and thanking each generation.

Thankful for Baby Boomers

Since the start of their generation, Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) have been changing the economy. Post-World War II, Americans wanted to establish families, secure the economy, and quite literally rebuild America. As children, a 1958 story in Life magazine declared that these “kids” were a “built-in recession cure”; as adults, they are credited with beginning the urban sprawl, which led to another economic boom.

Having been raised to follow conformity, Boomers have been loyal to company and loyal to country and are a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Learning from and leveraging the expertise of Boomers is invaluable.

XYZ University is grateful to Boomers who are embracing succession planning and are passing the baton as they prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Grateful for Gen X

Generation X (born 1965 – 1981) came of age immediately following the women’s rights and civil rights movements. Predominantly raised in two-parent working households or single-parent households before childcare programs were prevalent, they became known as a generation of “latch-key children.” As a result, Xers tend to be self-sufficient and independent thinkers. As adults, they have prioritized family time, becoming known for pioneering the idea of a work-life balance.

In a rapidly aging industry, Gen X employees are highly valuable. Their years of experience and their desire to see the positive impact of their work perfectly position them to lead and mentor younger employees.

Join us in taking a moment today to reach out to Gen Xers and thank them for their leadership and contributions to our organizations.

Appreciative of Millennials

The Millennial generation (born 1982 – 1995) is the largest generation in history (80 million Americans) and the most studied generation in history. They are a generation of many firsts, such as the first to be raised using technology and the first generation of children to have an equal voice in the household.

As employees, Millennials value frequent feedback and seek variety in their work. Two traits that can lead organizations to process improvement and enhanced employee engagement. The Millennial perspective can help organizations avoid the pitfall of tradition simply for the sake of tradition.

This mighty generation is eager to learn and eager to lead when given the chance. Thank you, Millennials, for helping organizations re-examine the way work is done to keep things relevant and future-focused.

Enthusiastic for Gen Z

Generation Z (born 1996 – 2009) is sometimes referred to as the Connected Generation because they have never known life pre-Internet. They are a creative and entrepreneurial generation that tends to embrace problem solving, often with social causes and specific purposes as driving forces.

Gen Z tends to be sincere, reflective, thick-skinned, and self-directed. Having been shaped by the aftermath of the Great Recession and having watched Millennials become the most debt-ridden generation in history, their employment approach is taking a new path. In a recent study conducted by XYZ University, 66% of Gen Z respondents cited financial stability as the most important job factor to them. And 71% of Gen Zs currently have a job for which they are being paid – an astounding statistic given the fact that the oldest of this generation just turned 22 this year.

Gen Z has grown up in a post-9/11 world where terrorism and school shootings are reality and the ‘American Dream’ seems to be just that – a dream. As a result, this generation tends to be more cautious and pragmatic, while also being inspired to change the world.

XYZ University is excited to watch as Gen Z navigates their place in the workforce, and we are thankful for their fresh perspective and insight.

Once Again, Each Generation has Something to Learn and Something to Teach

In this era of disruption and change, each generation brings unique insight, experience, and perspective to organizations. Remember, each generation has something to learn and something to teach. When we are open to these lessons and when we embrace the value of each generation, we position our organizations to survive and thrive long into the future.

Thank you, Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Z!


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