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Achieving Rock Star Status

Bono is a Rockstar. I was fortunate enough to see theU2 360 Concert recently. And it was Passion on Purpose on display. And all of that Passion and Preparation translated into a monster Performance.

Ryan Estis is a recognized Professional Speaker/Trainer, Consultant, and Agent of Change. Special thanks to Ryan for sharing this blog on achieving rock star status. For more great reading, check out his blog, Passion on Purpose.

Bono is a Rockstar.  I was fortunate enough to see the U2 360 Concert recently.  And it was Passion on Purpose on display.  And all of that Passion and Preparation translated into a monster Performance.

Its a real pleasure watching artists, who take so much pride in their craft, perform at the top of their game.  In those moments of witnessing near flawless execution, that seems so natural,  it can also minimize the countless hours of real hard effort that comes first.

Bono told a great story on a chilly night in Norman, Oklahoma a couple weeks ago about having played Norman 26 years prior about a mile down the road.  In a small bar, to a small crowd, as relative unknowns.  He simply said “it took 26 years for us to move a mile down the road”……to a sold-out stadium of 60,000 mesmerized fans.

What a journey.  What a great gig.  But it sure didn’t start out that way.  In fact, in took 26 years of Passion on Purpose.

I am reading the book Outliers.  Where Malcom Gladwell puts forth the notion that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve expertise or mastery.  Real hard effort.  Real big sacrifice.  And real tough to achieve Rockstar Status if you don’t really love what you do.

Being a Rockstar in your own chosen vocation isn’t really all that different.  You typically get out what you put in.  The edge usually goes to those willing to give a little more than most.

A mentor and friend continually reminds me to think about doing the 1% that the 99% isn’t or simply isn’t willing to do.  What he likes to call “the hard yards”.  And I woke up this morning taking my own self-assessment:  Have I put in my 10,000 hours?  Was I willing to earn the hard yards?

A pretty powerful self-assessment to take and bold reality to face.  Achieving Rockstar Status is entirely up to you.

Tip:  If you are a Leader, Manager, HR pro or Executive know that Rockstar’s attract other Rockstars.  Big game players want to step into the arena of business competition surrounded by talent.  Because The Best Talent Wins!

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