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Gap bridging, not grades.

XYZ University isn’t really a university... at least not in the traditional sense of living in a dorm, eating ramen noodles, and pulling all-nighters, but we do educate and prepare organizational leaders for the future. Here you will learn everything you need to know about Generations X, Y, and Z and how to engage them as employees, members, and leaders.

Message from the CEO

Sarah Sladek, CEO 
People often ask how I got into this business, and I guess it starts with knowing what it feels like to be the youngest person in the room.

When I was four years old, my brother left for college – 15 years spanning between us. When I was 25, I became the youngest managing editor in a daily newspaper’s 125-year history, charged with managing people twice my age. And when I was 28, I found myself standing in a room of 400 association executives attending a national conference, and suddenly realized I was one of the youngest people in the room. Like by a lot.  And a lightbulb went off. I started thinking about the association I was working for at the time – it’s board of directors were all over the age of 40, and so were it’s most active members. But why? Where were all the young people? Were organizations struggling to engage them?

This both intrigued and concerned me. I started meeting with people I knew who were executives of associations and non-profits and discovered that each and every one of them was struggling to engage younger members, leaders, and volunteers. Then I started meeting with the business executives, and their situation was exactly the same. Employee turnover among young professionals was on the rise and even recruiting had become a challenge.

This was more than just a hunch. I was now convinced this was a significant problem that would continue to challenge organizations worldwide, and I was equally inspired to create the solution. I believe an investment in future generations is the most valuable investment any organization could possibly make. Young professionals have valuable skills, perspective, and opportunity to offer. Moreover, they are the only succession plan, which makes them every organization’s greatest resource.

I have been the youngest person in the room and I wanted to get more young people – not just in the room, but to the table – because I believe their engagement can make a real and significant difference. So when I was 30, I started XYZ University.

Simply put, at XYZ University our mission is to ensure every organization has a future. Our passion is helping organizations engage the next generation of employees, leaders, members, and consumers. Our work improves morale, teamwork and productivity, fuels growth, and creates sustainable, relevant organizations. We create places where every generation can belong and make a difference. It’s awesome, inspiring work that I feel blessed to do each and every day.

Our collective futures will be determined by the actions we take today. I urge you to join the XYZ University team in our mission to engage the next generation now.

How we work

Everything we do is future-focused and research-based. Our goal is to help you find long-term success by growing your relevance among younger employees, members, and consumers. While we offer a wide range of a la carte programs, we believe it is important to look at the big picture and understand the specific needs and barriers faced by your organization. Through targeted research and focused strategy, we work directly with you and your stakeholders to deliver tangible results among younger generations.


Explore possibilities and determine direction.


Uncover opportunities and identify solutions.


Apply strategies for future-focused performance.


Pinpoint issues and analyze limitations.


Equip stakeholders with tools for success.

Why XYZ University?

At XYZ University, we’re constantly thinking about what’s next. More importantly, we’re thinking about who is next, helping companies engage the talent and innovation of the next generation workforce while harnessing the knowledge and skills of the current workforce.

Since 2002, XYZ University has been the leading expert on Generations X, Y, and Z. What started with one passionate individual has grown into an international consulting firm and lineup of speakers dedicated to harnessing young talent. Our team has studied demographics, economics, and pop culture, conducted industry and workforce research, and helped hundreds of organizations. We are here to bridge gaps, improve teamwork, fuel growth, and create sustainable, relevant organizations for this generation and the generations to come.

Take the first step towards your future.

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