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XYZ U eBook Shares 5 Turn-around Strategies for Associations to Grow into the Future

Membership associations represent millions of employees, industry interests in both government and education, and have the power to create real, meaningful change. However, 62% of associations are reporting flat or declining membership.

XYZ U believes helping associations engage, compete, grow, and serve creates a better future for us all. As a result, the Save the Associations campaign was launched in 2018, profiling 12 associations doing exceptional work to grow into the future.

We are thrilled to announce the release of “Save the Associations: A collection of insights from associations making radical changes to stay relevant and engage future generations.”

Download the eBook to learn 5 turn-around strategies driving association success.

XYZ University is grateful to these 12 associations who shared their stories and who are making sincere efforts to reinvent themselves, change focus, forge new alliances, reach new audiences, and revamp traditions to stay relevant, valuable, and competitive:

Thank you for your dedication to the future!

What will your association do today to prepare for tomorrow?

Let us know how we can help; XYZ University exists to help save the associations!


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