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It’s 2010: Do You Know Where Your Employees/Clients/Members/Volunteers Are?

I continue to be amazed by how many organizations I work with who either do not use or do not value social media. They refer to social media as a tiresome chore (Do we really have to be on Facebook?) and consider it a silly pastime (I don’t want my employees chatting with their friends all day!).

In fact, I recently had a heated debate with someone who insisted that social media was ‘over’.

Seriously?! You still think this is a trend that will come into and go out of fashion like legwarmers?  You still think that younger generations will suddenly tire of social media and drop their iPods and smart phones like yesterday’s trash?

Social media is far from over. It’s not just something young people use. And unlike a passing trend,it’s changed everything about the way we communicate and do business.

This video does an excellent job of explaining the power of social media. Perhaps after viewing this, your organization will realize that choosing to operate without social media is a choice to not exist.


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