About XYZ University 

Inclusion + collaboration.
People first + future-focused.

This is the future of work.


Insights for Inclusion

Our proprietary research process and assessments provide valuable insights into your organization’s workplace culture. Discover what’s holding the organization back and what’s needed to create a relevant work experience inclusive of all generations. 


Proven Track Record

Our founder and CEO is a futurist. She has authored several books exploring market, membership, and workplace shifts. XYZ U applies these insights to successfully guide organizations towards people-first, future-focused talent management practices.


Game-Changing Team-Building

Retaining next-gen talent requires the inclusion of next-gen talent. At XYZ U, we bring multi-generational teams together. Diverse groups of stakeholders work side-by-side on the changemaking process, resulting in inclusive, relevant, and engaged teams.

We believe every generation has something to learn and something to teach.

Our Founder’s Story: Sarah Sladek

When I was 4, my brother left for college. He’s a Boomer. I’m a Gen Xer. Our relationship was my first introduction to generational differences.

As I moved into young adulthood, I took on a leadership roles and was often the youngest person in the room. I struggled to be taken seriously, and began to wonder: do the voices of young people matter?

At the time, young people were being dismissed as “slackers”. I decided to do something about it.

I believed young people had value to offer.
I believed multi-generational teams had the capacity to perform better — if only leaders knew how to manage their teams in a rapidly-changing work environment.

In 2002, I started XYZ University to help organizations understand and engage the current workforce majority — Generations X, Y, and Z — and build successful multi-generational teams.

For 20 years, this has been our company’s sole mission and vision.

The future of work is collaborative and inclusive. It’s innovative and inspiring, and the most successful organizations will put people first and stay future focused.

If the future is where you want your organization to be, contact us. We’ll get you there.

Our Mission

Employee disengagement has remained at an all-time high for the past 20 years. 

The fact is, many organizations simply lack the strategy to engage and manage talent effectively in the 21st century.

That’s where we come in.

If you want a better future for your organization, XYZ U can help you find it.