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The Multigen Advantage

Sarah Sladek was interviewed as a contribution to this article by Business Officer magazine.

She’s a Gen Xer. He’s a Gen Zer. Put them together and Sarah Sladek and Josh Miller offer multigenerational intelligence for businesses and organizations that want to engage younger talent or grow their membership. Sladek is chief executive officer of XYZ University, a generational research and management consulting firm she founded in 2002, in part based on her growing awareness of the lack of intentional succession planning within many organizations. The firm’s researchers and strategists work with leaders to help them better understand Generations X, Y, and Z—those next in line to assume the mantle of leadership from retiring baby boomers. One of those strategists is 16-year-old Josh Miller. When he isn’t focused on graduating from high school, Miller is busy as director of Gen Z studies at XYZ University, consulting organizations on how to recruit, retain, and market to his generation.

Read the complete article here.


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