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<strong>How Businesses Can Better Appeal to and Recruit Generation Z</strong>

Worker and talent shortages are prevalent. If you’re hiring Gen Z for a summer job or appealing to them as a career aspiration, here are tips to get them in the door.

Generation Z is different when compared to Millennials.

While Generation Y grew up during a time of prosperity and economic growth, “Zs came of age during an era of disruption” and witnessed the strain it put on their elders, reports our Gen Z research paper.

And as a consequence, “Zs were raised to compete.” Gen Z is more cautious and competitive when selecting a job. So to win us over for the long term, employers need to provide benefits like job security, healthcare, and good pay. While Millennials are stereotyped as hopping from job to job, Gen Z shows more interest in staying for extended periods. But how do you appeal to and recruit us to work for you?

Workplaces can appeal to Gen Z by sponsoring internships and summer programs. This Chicago Tribune article noted, “Some employers are trying to appeal to Gen Z early, with versions of internships normally reserved for college students now being extended to high schoolers to create a pipeline of talent.”

This appeals to Gen Z because it allows them to gain hands-on experience and build relationships. Because Generation Z is looking for more extended work periods without job hopping, they are likely to stick with the same job and have careers in that field.

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To allure incoming talent for internships, jobs, and careers, businesses must have an active social media presence.

Reach Gen Z, where they hang out. To do this, a Forbes article states that “Recruiters need to get social by staying current with the trends and using the platforms to transition traditional recruitment methods into interactive tools.

The focus should be on lifestyle, relationships, and opportunity for an interesting and exciting career.” This attracts us because social media platforms are a significant part of our lives.

We Are Social Blog says an example of an appealing social media advertising is “Red Bull: it doesn’t create content around its products, it produces innovative, original content that captures their customer’s attention. Its 10 million YouTube subscribers prove the power of this approach.”

By offering internships and summer programs and maintaining a solid social media presence to “advertise” these opportunities and your business, you can diversify your Gen Z application participation and expand your outreach.

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