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Membership Diversification: THE strategy for growth

Updated: Apr 1

There has never been a more critical time to develop a diversified membership strategy.

What the heck is a diversified membership strategy and why do you need one?

Diversification is a strategy designed to foster relevance via new deliverables and expansion into new markets.

According to our research, when social change occurs, it influences value shifts, which ultimately influence what members need, want, and expect from their membership experience.

To stay relevant and valuable, associations need to understand their community’s needs and what behaviors and deliverables will drive future success.

How do you know if your association is using the right strategy? Here’s how to tell:

  1. Struggling to engage the participation of younger generations

  2. Largest percentage of revenue is generated by events

  3. Board of directors is not a visual representation of the community the association represents

  4. Leadership roles are reserved only for those people with considerable experience and credentials

  5. Value proposition is unclear

  6. Tradition and hierarchy

  7. The association’s mission isn’t considered “must have” or critical to the betterment of an important purpose, cause, or call to action

  8. Engaged, multi-generational membership

  9. Revenue streams are diversified with largest percentage from membership

  10. All decision-making entities feature a cross-section of people with varying backgrounds, skills, experiences

  11. Systems in place to actively engage the participation of new people and new ideas

  12. Clear value and return on investment

  13. Innovation and collaboration

  14. Members consider the mission and a membership in the association valuable, relevant, necessary, and important

Creating diversified membership strategies is our firm’s area of expertise. Contact us for more information and get ready to grow membership!


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