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Short Life Lessons from Sarah Sladek

Sarah Sladek was interviewed by World Class Performer and named a global top performer in business strategy

Sarah Sladek is an author, speaker, strategist, and futurist. She is an experienced marketing and media professional who started researching demographic shifts in 2000. Sarah is the CEO and Founder of XYZ University which goal is to help organizations identify their competitive advantage, embrace change, bridge gaps, increase ROI, and remain relevant to future generations.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? Did you have any particular experiences/stories that shaped your adult life?

I grew up in the state of Iowa, in a beautiful old brick home. There was a huge yard with many flowers and trees and my father built a treehouse for me. I spent my days using my imagination, writing stories in my head. As I grew older, I closely followed pop culture, fashion, and music trends. I was already on the path to becoming a writer and futurist. Also, my brother is 15 years older, and at an early age, I realized the generational differences between us. My business, research, and books were all inspired by this realization and childhood experience.


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