This is Talent Generation

This is the future of work.
It’s possible to create an organization designed to engage talent — even in times of disruption — and Sarah Sladek provides guidance.

For too long, we’ve just assumed there is no solution to problems like Skills gaps, Turnover, unengaged young talent, and Workforce conflict and gaps – and no other way to work.

But clearly, there is another way.

Sarah spent several years researching the traits common among the most successful organizations in existence today – each boasting high profitability and high employee engagement.

This research resulted in Sarah’s best-selling book Talent Generation.

Sarah’s research is also the basis of our workforce training programs which:

  • Close the gap between talent development practices and business impact;
  • Bring teams together for highly engaging inter-generational team-building experiences; and
  • Equip organizations with the insights needed to make people-first, future-focused business decisions.

Our Unique Process

Research & Publications

  • Measure employee engagement and experience
  • Review with a demographic lens to identify gaps
  • Gather stakeholder insights and determine team vision

Workforce Training

  • Training customized to address needs, bridge gaps
  • Improve employee engagement, teamwork, morale, and productivity
  • Future-proof the organization’s workforce

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