Workforce Future

Workforce Future

Keynote Description

In order to position their organizations to attract top talent, drive breakthroughs, and serve customers better, employers need to understand and prepare for the evolution of the workforce. The sooner organizations adopt the future-focused mindset, skills, and strategies needed to thrive in an increasingly virtual and flexible work environment, the sooner they will realize economic benefits.

Although the future is difficult to predict, a number of likely scenarios have emerged which depict the workforce of the future and the strategic implications for employers looking not just to stay ahead of the curve but to shape it to their competitive advantage.

In this presentation executives will learn about the chief workforce indicators of change, how to position their companies to be innovative and responsive to these changes to attract top talent and win in the marketplace.


Key Takeaways

  • Capitalize on and manage changing employer-employee relationships and workplace attitudes;
  • Adapt your workplace to a commitment-based work model and enforce a culture of learning;
  • Keep a blended, multi-generational, diverse, and global workplace engaged;
  • Promote leadership development supported by measurements and results; and
  • Develop a workforce ‘preparedness plan’.