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Looking for a little more meat? Training with XYZ University is more than your average workshop. Our comprehensive, interactive sessions serve up the depth of knowledge you're craving with a side of humor, multi-media and relationship building.

Training Services

Millennials to Members Virtual Training

This online, interactive, CAE-approved, cinematic micro-learning experience is designed to help association professionals create relevant, future-focused, must-have membership experiences for the Millennial generation and beyond. The course includes an online Membership Building Toolkit featuring interactive tools to customize the learning process and measure progress.

Regional Summit

A full or half day regional summit focused on presenting membership-building for association staff and boards, or employee-engagement strategies for corporate or government executives. The host organization is responsible for logistics, registration, and promotion, while XYZ U is responsible for preparing, presenting, and facilitating all content.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer boot camp is for organization who want to ensure they get a long term ROI. This is where generation training meets the bottom line. It is often left up to HR to provide ongoing development for employees and staff; however, XYZ University recommends all organizations have generational stakeholders in each function of the business.


In-depth training sessions customized to meet your organization's needs. Participants learn through a variety of team building exercises and group discussions. Workshops are available in half-day (3-4 hour) sessions or full day (4-6 hour) sessions.

Webinar or Virtual Seminar

Customized and interactive, webinars are available on-demand (recorded for future reference) and/or presented live (30-60 minutes).

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About our training programs

Every organization needs the talent of younger generations to survive — but who wants to sit through another tiresome, been-there-done-that training?

Just as XYZ U’s presentations are renowned for blending pop culture with economics and presenting information in an interactive, multi-media format — our training programs are equally legendary.

We always take the edu-tainment route, marrying valuable information and strategies with fun activities like selfie scavenger hunts, trivia, dance parties, and more. No two training sessions are alike — we customize each training based on audience interests and industry.

Training Curriculum

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Discover solutions and proven strategies for engaging employees in this ever-evolving, multi-generational workforce.

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Knowing Y

Explore recruitment, retention, management, and marketing strategies your organization needs to engage Gen Y.

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Like a Boss

Equip young leaders with the tools to manage, motivate, inspire, and engage their older counterparts.

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Managing Millennials

Knowing what Millennials want and need is critical to every company’s survival.

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Millennials to Members

Without Millennial members, your organization will not survive. It’s that simple.

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Workforce Future

The year 2020 is right around the corner. Is your organization ready?

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