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Talent Generation by Sarah Sladek

How visionary organizations are redefining work and achieving greater success.

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About the Author

Sarah Sladek was leading the charge for organizations and companies to adapt to younger generations long before anybody else. Concerned about declining engagement in our nation’s membership associations, non-profits, and workplaces, Sarah Sladek founded XYZ University in 2002 and her fifth book, Talent Generation, will be published this year.

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“Millennials are known for job-hopping. It’s not that they’re inherently disloyal or something like that, its that the Millennial generation has the expectation of a great workplace.”

Jessica Rohman, Director of Content, Great Places to Work

"Too many companies keep a ‘playpen’ for the really bright people, separating them from the rest of the organization. This limits the potential of the employees and the entire organization."

Jay Elliot, former Senior Vice President, Apple

“Talent generation isn’t someone else’s problem to solve. It’s yours and it’s mine. We’re responsible for the future, and I don’t want to mess it up–for me, for my children, and their children’s children.”


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