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Josh Miller

Director of Gen Z Studies

Josh Miller

Director of Gen Z Studies

"Josh was a standout. What poise for a 15-year-old. He will be one to watch! And who better to tell us about Gen Z than an actual Gen Z? Genius." — CUE 4 Retail Conference Attendee

About Josh

Josh Miller is a passionate and informed advocate for his generation—Gen Z. He started speaking on national stages at the age of 13. Now, at the age of 16, he’s an award-winning entrepreneur and thought-leader who has met and been mentored by several notable business leaders. Miller brings considerable research and insight to his presentations, drawing on his experiences as both a high school student and a young consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

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Josh Miller is an integral part of the XYZ University team, educating clients through keynote presentations, workshops and webinars/virtual seminars. His presentations resonate with audiences that want to learn how to engage today’s students and young professionals, and glean valuable insights into future workforce trends.

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Gen Z (born 1996-2009) is about to step into the limelight and they are nothing like their Millennial elders. The first generation of the 21st Century came of age during the most disruptive decade of the last century and their arrival marks the end of clearly defined roles, traditions and experiences. Learn how these shifts are likely to impact your future and what organizations will need to do to prepare for Z and engage them as employees, members and volunteers.


How do you sell to a generation of people who revel in their individuality and want to set their own trends? Consumerism continues to change and Zs are influencing how, why and what is being purchased in radical ways. Gain insights into how the Z mindset is influencing retail environments and the world of marketing. Learn best practices in how to engage the most elusive, informed and skeptical generation of buyers in history.

"Josh is most impressive for his age and tenure. I found the conversation he facilitated with our marketing team most enjoyable, worthwhile, and thought-provoking." -- Dave Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Wing Shoe Company

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