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Jodie Swee

Youth Culture and Generational Engagement Expert

Jodie Swee

Youth Culture and Generational Engagement Expert

"I feel extremely honored to have had Jodie present to our state association. She stretched the minds of our members and definitely left a lasting impression! — Kyra Gibson, Independent Insurance Brokers of Idaho

About Jodie

Jodie is an expert on youth culture and has a passion for bridging the gap between generations. She often draws upon her years of experience working as the director of a non-profit for teens and young adults. In that role, she worked at the generational crossroads, engaging young adults in meaningful dialogue and inspiring and training older adults to do the same.

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Jodie Swee is an integral part of the XYZ University team, educating clients through keynote presentations, workshops and webinars/virtual seminars. Her presentations have been said to “positively affect thoughts, behavior and work performance,” and our clients speak highly of her ability to help them continue to envision the future of their organizations.

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