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Gen Z: The first generation of the 21st Century has arrived!

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Marketers and generational professionals have turned their attention to Generation Z (1996-2009)—the oldest of whom will turn 19 this year—to gain a better understanding of what will define and drive this next generation of workers and consumers.

XYZ University spent months researching Generation Z and the findings are fascinating. In this white paper we define who Gen Z is (and who they are not) and how they are different from the generations before them. This 16-page white paper explores Generation Z in greater detail and provides insight into how this generation will work and what businesses need to be doing to prepare for their arrival.

Time will tell how this generation goes down in history, but we believe Generation Z’s arrival will mark the beginning of the end of the America we’ve always known. Welcome to the 21st century. This is Generation Z.

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