Focus on your future

Engage and retain members and help your members engage and retain employees

Our clients are seeking ways to bridge generational gaps, improve teamwork, grow membership, and train and retain a workforce. XYZ U is the solution. We deliver the education, insights, research, and roadmaps needed to move organizations forward and successfully engage their futures.

Speaking + -

XYZ University is home to a passionate crew of futurists, team-builders, and researchers. Our professional speakers have engaged audiences worldwide through programs ranging from intimate, collaborative workshops to riveting keynotes for 1,500 people. We’re dedicated to educating, inspiring, and equipping every audience with the tools they need to successfully plan for the future of membership, work, and leadership.

Training + -

XYZ University is a leader in live and virtual training events. Few organizations offer customized online learning portals and toolkits or summits augmented with interactive learning experiences and augmented reality stations. Our membership and workforce training go above-and-beyond to deliver highly engaging and memorable learning experiences.

Research + Strategy + -

Both membership decline and employee turnover among younger generations are creating tremendous, often costly challenges. XYZ University offers the solution: identify the gaps via research, develop and implement a membership engagement strategy, then provide workforce training to help the association serve the industry and engage the workforce.

White Papers + Non-Dues Revenue + -

Our goal at XYZ U is to equip associations with the tools they need to sustain and grow. In addition to education and strategic planning, XYZ U authors white papers to position associations as the industry thought leaders and gives them publicity opportunities and leverage in the marketplace. In addition, we provide opportunities for associations to earn non-dues revenue through our customizable resources and training events.