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XYZ University is a business. We’re not really a university — at least not in the traditional sense of living in a dorm, eating ramen noodles, and pulling all-nighters. But we do educate and prepare organizational leaders for the future.

Our clients seek us out to further their knowledge and gain best practices in the areas of membership and employee engagement. And after they work with us, we consider them part of our extended family as XYZ U Alumni.

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American College of Sports Medicine’s Success

In 2008, American College of Sports Medicine’s membership was declining. One year after hiring XYZ University, membership grew. The association has continued to observe annual revenue and membership increases.

“I can honestly say that because we followed the advice that XYZ University provided, our association never experienced a recession. In fact, our association grew 13.5% in that first year and hosted its largest conference in association history. And our association has just continued to grow!”

Jim Whitehead, CEO

American Institute of Architect’s Success Story

In 2013, 43% of American Institute of Architect’s members were ages 50-69 and the association was concerned about its growth potential. After hiring XYZ University, membership increased by 13,000 members in just four years. Membership Management Report authored an article on the outcomes, reporting:

After enlisting the help of XYZ University, AIA rapidly realized critical gaps in benefits and services delivered to younger members. … AIA observed an upswing in membership, reduced turnover, and renewed enthusiasm for the association’s mission, which has led to the expansion of AIA to new markets globally.

Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire’s Success Story

In 2013, Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire’s membership was declining. Within 12 months of working with XYZ University, retention increased and the association was engaging new members for the first time in several years.

“We have made outstanding changes in our operations and thinking as an organization because of XYZ University’s efforts. We continue to apply their expertise daily. I believe whole-heartedly in their abilities and what they have done for us.”

Julie Terrell, Executive Vice President


“When we launched our new program for student members, we did so with a year-long series of workshops and webinars presented by XYZ University. Our inaugural year was a huge success, and we credit Sarah and XYZ University for helping us set the tone and provide information with relevance and impact.”

Susan Franceschi, American Water Works Association

“Our organization chose to work with XYZ University because their research and knowledge of Millennials and membership was better than any other organization we explored. Their work made a tremendous impact at YMCA of the USA.”

Cindy McDermott, YMCA of the USA

“Sarah Sladek is THE leading authority on generations in associations. Her team’s perspective can help any volunteer organization navigate the challenging waters of engaging current members. They truly care about their clients and wants to see them transform into a place that is welcoming and engaging to all generations.”

Donna Oliver, National Association of Home Builders

“Recruiting younger members is essential to our future if our organizations are going to remain vibrant and relevant. I give Sladek a lot of credit for taking on a hard and important issue.”

John Graham, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership

“I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Sladek as she recently facilitated the first meeting of the Texas Dental Association’s Task Force on Relevancy. Ms. Sladek was able to quickly engage the participants, guide them through some tough discussions and help move them to a place of understanding as to what our association needs to do to ensure future growth.”

Lee Ann Johnson, Texas Dental Association

Our Alumni

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