Sarah Sladek
Speaker + Training + Research + Strategy

Sarah founded XYZ U in 2002 with a goal of helping organizations engage younger generations and successfully prepare for their futures. In addition to serving as CEO of this niche business, she’s authored five books and several research papers, travels worldwide as a professional speaker, and serves as the point person on every XYZ U client strategy and research project. She is the company’s visionary, thought leader, and chief advocate.

FUN FACT: Sarah loves to travel. By age 21, she had traveled to eight countries and visited 39 states.

Brad Sladek
Client Relations

Brad is the co-owner of XYZ U along with his wife, Sarah. While he also oversees operations, Brad can be found on the front lines doing what he does best – talking and meeting with prospects and clients. He’s passionate about XYZ U’s mission and works closely with our clients to determine their goals, deliver the best training or strategy package and customized solutions, and deliver the best in customer experience.

FUN FACT: Brad loves fishing. At one point, he was training to become a professional fisherman.

Jeremy Baumann

Business development, financial management, marketing research – you name it, Jeremy is probably managing it. He comes to XYZ U with leadership experience in manufacturing, construction, and accounting. We jokingly say he never sleeps. The fact is, Jeremy wows us with his ability to single-handedly manage multiple projects and keep our mission moving ever-forward.

FUN FACT: Don’t play New Kids On The Block trivia with Jeremy. You will most certainly lose.

Elisa Webb Hill
Speaker + Training + Strategy

Elisa is a top level workforce strategist. She brings years of executive management experience as well as insight to her keynote speaking engagements and trainings at XYZ U. She has previously held senior positions at Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola, and excels at helping XYZ U clients navigate workforce shifts, manage change, and implement future-focused strategies.

FUN FACT: Early in her career, Elisa hosted a show on QVC.

Josh Miller
Speaker + Gen Z Studies

Josh is a sought after speaker, researcher, writer, podcaster, and promoter of all things #GenZ at XYZ U. He is a high school junior, captain of varsity tennis team, and an award-winning entrepreneur who started his first business at 14 years old. He understands what it takes to connect with Gen Z and how young people can make a difference.

FUN FACT: Josh’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve!

Anna Sladek
Gen Z Studies

Anna is a high school senior with plans to pursue a degree in political science in college. She brings her love for research to XYZ U, writing blogs and research papers on the topic of Generation Z. As a member of the high school debate team, Anna never shies away from controversial or challenging topics. She enjoys a good argument. (Just ask her parents!)

FUN FACT: Anna has participated in five Habitat for Humanity and many other service projects.

Heather Thomton Stockman
Research + Strategy + Training

Heather brings solution-centered strategies to her work at XYZ U, drawing upon her leadership background in strategy, marketing, education, and training. She excels at both strategy development and implementation, successfully guiding clients through change management initiatives. She also plays a key role in the development and delivery of XYZ U’s workforce training initiatives.

FUN FACT: Heather has been a college communications professor since 2004.

Jodie Swee

Prior to joining XYZ U, Jodie spent 15 years creating and delivering events for teens and young adults. This experience working with Millennials inspired her to help organizations bridge gaps and engage future generations of members and talent. Her background in sketch comedy, paired with a passion for team-building, makes Jodie an especially entertaining and engaging presenter.

FUN FACT: Jodie was selected to appear on an episode of Let’s Make a Deal. She won a Vespa.