Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials

Keynote Description

There’s no avoiding it. Millennials now make up the largest percentage of the workforce. Discover why they are not just a change agent, but the greatest opportunity for your organization’s future.

In order to be relevant to this generation and engage their participation, employers will need to re-examine everything about the way they market, make decisions, manage, and build relationships. Knowing what Millennials want and need is critical to every company’s survival.


Key Takeaways

  • Relate to the Millennial mindset, values, and influences;
  • Motivate and inspire Millennials;
  • Improve employee engagement among Millennials;
  • Identify which managerial techniques work with them, and which ones do not; and
  • Introduce new concepts that are relevant to Millennials without alienating the rest of your workforce.