Heather Stockman

Heather Stockman is an intergenerational and organizational communications expert with a passion for researching and understanding various communication strategies to bridge generational gaps. As a college professor and adult educator, Heather embraces innovation to move learning into action.

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This program explores obstacles in your association’s path and offers strategies to hurdle over these generational bumps in the road.

Maximize your strategic plan through intentional implementation and execution. Guiding your team through strategic pull through, this program provides the coaching and tools needed for successful change management and strategy execution.

Discover proven strategies for engaging employees and improving teamwork in this ever-evolving, multi-generational workforce.

Explore intergenerational leadership strategies to responsibly engage, thoughtfully equip and effectively manage and motivate others—across generations.

Explore the team-building and engagement strategies your organization needs to retain the most disruptive and most studied generation in history.

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Heather Stockman is an integral part of the XYZ University team, educating clients through keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars/virtual seminars. Her solution-centered strategies and engaging presentations prepare for and guide our clients through successful change management and strategy implementation.

We’re here to help! XYZ University goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and uncovers the opportunities unique to your organization. We are here to help you focus on your future!
Heather takes the edu-tainment route, marrying valuable information and strategies with fun activities. No two training sessions are alike—Heather customizes each training based on audience needs, interests, and industry.