This is Must-Have Membership

Curb membership turnover, engage younger generations of members, identify a strategy for sustainable growth, and build a better value proposition.

Technology, economics, and demographics. The meaning of membership has shifted and now, more than ever, associations need to be able to prove that membership provides a return on investment to their members—especially its youngest members and prospects.

XYZ University’s goal with every client project is to create ‘must-have membership’; delivering exceptional value to members and positioning your association as the leader and go-to resource.

Unlike other membership consultants, we’ve studied the hurdles to engagement and we know the ‘cycle of engagement’ differs for someone under the age of 36. We analyze market potential, delving into demographic data and industry trends, and we carefully consider competitive advantage, niche, messaging, and positioning.

It’s this attention to detail that yields exceptional returns for our clients.

Our Unique Process

Step 1: Research

Measure engagement, value, experience, and brand

Review data with a demographic lens to identify gaps

Determine market  trends and competitive advantage

Step 2: Visioning

Facilitate a stakeholder retreat to gather insights and determine vision

Gain a thorough understanding of both the membership experience and market potential

Step 3: Strategy

Develop a future-focused membership engagement strategy

Educate the stakeholders; equip and and empower them with the tools to lead a grassroots marketing effort

Step 4: Positioning

Author a state of the industry whitepaper on the association’s behalf

Generate visibility to position association as a thought leader

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