XYZ University helps solve your industry’s workforce crisis.

When your association helps its member companies engage talent, members engage in your association!

Fact: Membership has been declining since the mid-1990s. Today, 62% of U.S. associations report they are most challenged to engage members under the age of 50.

Fact: Employee turnover, which is most prominent among younger generations, is costing U.S. employers $30.5 billion annually.

The solution? XYZ University.

Here’s how we’re helping associations grow membership and build a better workforce for their member companies


Clients choose XYZ U because they want to

  • Curb membership turnover
  • Engage younger generations of members
  • Identify a strategy for long-term sustainability and short-term growth
  • Introduce a relevant, future-focused value proposition

We start with very in-depth research of your membership and market, identifying gaps and opportunities in the association’s value proposition, membership experience, brand, messaging and niche.

We then develop a data-driven strategy designed to counteract all of these challenges and successfully engage and grow membership.


Socrates said it best: The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

XYZ U makes building the new a manageable process. We create a step-by-step process and calendar for implementation of the strategy, and also provide a suite of services and resources to advance the change-making process:

  • Coaching
  • Chapter leader or stakeholder training
  • Toolkits, articles, books, and other resources
  • Strategy implementation

In addition, we immediately catapult our association clients into a thought leadership role via the publication of an industry whitepaper.


Many industries are desperately scrambling to find and keep talent, and membership engagement will be a difficult feat in the presence of a disengaged, restless workforce.

With XYZ U’s help, associations can lead their industries out of a workforce crisis and equip their member companies with the skills needed to successfully train and retain a 21st century workforce. We align with associations to deliver robust workforce training programs to their members, giving associations the option to also generate non-dues revenues via these programs.

As a result, associations are able to deliver valuable workforce training to their members and positively contribute to the future of their industries.

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