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Nancy Dahl

Nancy Dahl is a news junkie and enjoys engaging in thought-provoking conversations and sharing interesting tidbits of knowledge with others. Nancy is a recovering Chamber employee who then honed her skills at a youth mentoring nonprofit promoting positive intergenerational relationships. As XYZ University’s Director of Next Generation Intelligence, she’s excited to share its generational intelligence and promote its products and services to help fix problems for associations, industries and workplaces.


If a monarchy can modernize, why can’t your association?

There is something association leadership can learn from the British monarchy about shedding the fear of change and taking action to save their association.

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Generation X

Three Steps to Combat Generational Stereotypes

Ridding the workplace of unhelpful generational stereotypes will create a more cohesive, efficient, and happier environment, but with four generations now in the workforce opportunity abounds for negativity.

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