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Mary Gillen

In her role as the Director of Next Generation Intelligence at XYZ University, Mary Gillen educates organizations about Millennials and Gen Z through marketing, research, training, and consulting. A Millennial herself, coupled with a background in marketing and membership roles, Mary provides valuable perspective on how to drive stronger engagement with younger generations.


What Happens When Millennials Run the Association?

Succession planning. It’s one of the most important things an organization can have set up for success. So why is it that so many associations fail to have one in place?

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We Can’t Change Anything

“We can’t change anything, so what do you recommend?” This is a question I recently received after presenting a keynote on Millennials (1982-1995) for the Grain Elevator & Processing Society (GEAPS).

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Millennial Nomads, and how it could affect retaining employees…

According to a survey conducted by AfterCollege networking site, 59% of current job seekers look for a flexible work schedule from a prospective employer, while 70% said they’re more likely to accept a job if there’s the option to work from home at least one day a week. Both of these rank second to work/life balance. So, how is the Millennial Nomad life style possibly affecting your work culture?

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