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Jodie Swee

Together we’re better. This is Jodie Swee’s motto when it comes to generational differences. She has spent the last twenty years digging into the psychology of Millennials and is passionate about helping to bridge the gap with older generations. Jodie's background in sketch comedy sprinkles humor into the realities of our multi-generational workforce.

Talent Development

The Generational Fear Factor and a Simple Way to Overcome It

Failure. Being overlooked. Change. Three fears held by different generations that damage, and often lead to inaccurate stereotypes. There’s a easy way for all of us to come together, break some stereotypes, and help each other work through our fears.

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A Lesson from the 19th Century on How To Be Successful in the 21st Century

Many organizations are suffering from declining membership and engagement among Millennials. Here are three things 21st century associations can learn from a 19th century invention about how to be successful and thrive.

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Generation Y

Don’t Create Time Clock Punchers. Turn Them Into Fans.

Build employee fandom with Millennial employees by creating positive experiences in the workplace consisting of engagement and learning opportunities and feedback. This can lead to better job satisfaction and retention of Millennials.

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Is Your Organization Playing To Win?

Successful companies have a great offensive playbook. If all your energy and emphasis is on day-to-day operations, your organization is not set-up to win.

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Generation Y

Do You Think You Know What Millennials Need?

Steve Jobs knew what people wanted before they did. Maybe we know what Millennials need before they do? I was asked this by a Baby Boomer executive at a membership engagement summit I was running last week.

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Generation X

The Importance of Knowing Your People

Last week, I had an opportunity to speak to a great group of folks from the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations about generational differences in the workforce. One of my favorite parts of that experience was when we broke into groups based on our generation and answered a few questions around what we valued.

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The Lie That’s Robbing Our Future

Did you ever find yourself halfway through a major shift before you realized it was happening? Like a frog in pot of water sitting over an open flame; halfway to boiling before you even realize the water is warm? Well, the water is heating up in the workforce and it’s time to pay attention before we get cooked!

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Generation X

From One Gen Xer To Another

We often joke that Generation X is the forgotten middle child of today’s generational conflict. It’s like being the Jan Brady of the workforce, stuck between glamorous Marcia and cute-as-a-button-with-pigtails Cindy. In many ways, this is more than a joke. It’s the reality. Gen X makes up only 22% of the current workforce with Gen Y/Millennials and Baby Boomers making up the other 78%.

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