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Anna Sladek

When she’s not preparing speeches or arguments for her high school speech and debate team, Anna Sladek is writing about the major issues facing her generation -- Generation Z. Inspired to create positive change and bring the youth voice to national and global issues, she contributes to XYZ University’s research projects and is a featured blogger.

Generation Z

How Businesses Can Better Appeal to and Recruit Generation Z

Help wanted signs are abundant. Worker and talent shortages are prevalent. If you’re hiring Gen Z for a summer job or appealing to them as a career aspiration, here are tips to get them in the door.

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Generation Z

Why The Y’s TV Ad Hits the Mark and Dodge Ram Misses with Gen Z

Two commercials, both promoting a message of community and service. One hits the mark while the other tarnishes its brand. Why it’s important for organizations to promote and convey an authentic voice about serving the community to attract Generation Z.

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Generation Z

Schools Need To Change The Way They Teach

Antiquated education models wouldn’t get us the creativity and innovation needed to address 21st Century issues that Generation Z wants to fix.

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