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 Sarah Sladek 


Working With The Best Clients

Bridging the Gap

Sarah Sladek is the brains behind XYZ University, a company she founded after observing generation gaps, employee turnover, disengagement, and decline in four different companies she worked for early in her career. 

She was convinced there had to be a better way and she set out to find it. XYZ University has since worked with many notable membership organizations and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 

In addition to her role as business owner and XYZ University's CEO, Sarah is a
best-selling author and sought-after keynote speaker.

Leading Organizations Forward

Leaders who seek Sarah's expertise often feel stuck, overwhelmed by change, turnover, conflict, and decline. They want a different outlook for their organizations, but they aren't sure how to make it happen.

Sarah has the solutions to these challenges, and more! Her trailblazing research on social change, demographics, and belonging is unparalleled. She introduced the concept of Next Gen Intelligence, studying belonging through the lens of social change, generational influences, demographic shifts, and consumer, workforce and economic trends.

Using this approach, Sarah and the XYZ University Team have successfully turned organizations around, bringing them to a place of increased relationship-building and revenue generation.

Did You Know?

Sarah Sladek drops knowledge wherever she goes. She's advocated for the inclusion of younger generations for more than two decades, while also actively pursuing and publishing new research, writing books, hosting a podcast, and producing ground-breaking events and entertainment. 

Check out this video short to learn more about her work. 

Sarah Sladek - NextGen Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, and Strategist
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