“Sarah Sladek’s understanding and knowledge is exceptional and inspires thinking outside the box. Her understanding of generational transition and its implication to real world challenges and opportunities is second to none.”

– R. Pontillo, Manufacturers and Business Association

Sarah Sladek

Speaker, Author, and CEO

Sarah Sladek is a best-selling author and CEO of XYZ University. She brings her expertise to 40+ events a year, presenting to audiences worldwide on how to drive stronger engagement with younger generations. Audiences rave about her ability to deliver information in entertaining and provocative ways, blending pop culture with best practices, trend forecasting, research, and strategy.

Early in her career, Sarah was often the youngest person in the room. Organizations were struggling to engage younger generations and Sarah’s research proved the problem would only worsen with time. She was inspired to create the solution, and since 2002, her life’s work has been dedicated to helping organizations engage future generations of members, employees, leaders, and volunteers.

As founder and CEO of XYZ U, Sarah has grown a future-focused company comprised of researchers, presenters, and strategists which has helped hundreds of organizations reduce turnover and grow membership among younger generations. She founded the nation’s first conference focused on bridging talent and leadership gaps, and co-founded and produced Millennials to Members, the first online course designed to help associations develop a future-focused membership strategy.

Discover the shared traits of organizations that have been capable of engaging employees in this era of disruption—what they did, why it worked and how it’s made a difference to the organization’s bottom line.

“It’s critical for associations to understand how the Talent Economy will impact the industry. Talent Generation gives great insight on how organizations can make smarter and more informed decisions.”

– ASAE President and CEO, John H. Graham, IV, FASAE, CAE.

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Sarah’s expertise has been prominently featured in international media including Forbes, Fast Company, and National Public Radio, and she has keynoted events worldwide. Backed by years of experience and supported by solid research, she remains committed to helping organizations engage every generation to thrive and prosper in the new economy.

Millennials Develop Entitlement Complex – Sarah Sladek Weighs In

XYZ University CEO Sarah Sladek said Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers are the ones to blame. While they were raised to be self-sufficient and independent things, they didn’t raise their kids like that. Read the full article.

Meet the first generation of the 21st century. They came of age during the most disruptive decade of the last century and are about to make a big impact on your organization and our economy.

Discover solutions and proven strategies for engaging employees in this ever-evolving, multi-generational workforce.

Explore recruitment, retention, management, and marketing strategies your organization needs to engage Generation Y/Millennials.

Learn revolutionary membership strategies to put your association on the fortune-making fast-track.

XYZ University has been featured in:

Sarah Sladek is the leading researcher and foremost authority on Generations X, Y and Z. Audiences rave about her ability to deliver information in entertaining and provocative ways, blending pop culture with best practices, trend forecasting, research, and strategy. Sladek brings her expertise to 40+ events a year to audiences worldwide.

Sladek has authored more publications on the topic of generations than any other consultant. With two bestsellers for Association Management Press: “The End of Membership As We Know It” (2011) and “Knowing Y” (2014), Sladek is proud to debut her fifth book, “Talent Generation,” on sale now.

Sladek launched one of the nation’s first generation-focused companies in 2002. Today, XYZ University remains the only company in North America specializing in the engagement of Generations X, Y and Z.

Sarah delivered exactly what we needed and tied it to our business at Kellogg perfectly.

Noel Hornsberry
Kellogg Company

Recruiting younger members is essential to our future if our organizations are going to remain vibrant and relevant. I give Sladek a lot of credit for taking on a hard and important issue.

John Graham
ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership

“Our organization chose Sarah Sladek as a keynote speaker at a national event because her research and knowledge of millennials and membership was better than any other speaker we explored. She delivers a compelling and engaging presentation that draws in a multi-generational audience. She has made a tremendous impact at YMCA of the USA.” – C. McDermott, YMCA of the USA